Bert & Bratt BBBUVS02 UV Pacifiers Sterilizer

$ 49.99
SKU: 627843251378

Bert&Bratt products have a small UVGI light that kills germs using a dual-action process.The oxygen in the air reacts with a range of 254 nm wavelengths creating ozone to safely eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The only by-product of this process is oxygen, leaving the pacifier without any residue or harmful bacteria. Simply push and hold button until light flashes. When flashing has stopped, sterilization has occurred. It breaks down bacteria and exposes the DNA/RNA, quickly destroying the cell. Bert & Bratt delivers quality UV sterilizers to make it convenient for individuals to make their health and wellbeing a priority.


  • Runs on 3 x aaa batteries. (Batteries Sold Separately)
  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria (including staph, strep and E. coli).
  • Portable UV sterilizer cleans pacifiers or baby bottles in just four minutes!
  • Uses UV light to clean - no need for water or soap.
  • Easy to take anywhere and can fit in purse or diaper bag.
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