Lipper Childrens Square Table and Chair Set - Espresso

$ 129.99
SKU: 026914514082
Certainly, the family's preschooler could be the next Pablo Picasso. But did four-year-old Picasso ever sketch from the confines of a booster seat at his kitchen table? Children must adapt their small bodies to the adult-sized world in dozens of ways each day. It seems unfair to expect creative genius with these size restraints. Recognizing the importance of child-sized environments for work and play, Lipper International offers this child-sized table and chair set. The set comprises of a square table and two chairs. With a 100-pound weight capacity, each chair's.

  • This table and chair set is perfect for children's tea parties, drawing, eating, and hours of play in their own private space
  • Compact size is great for smaller apartments
  • White painted look easily matches bedroom, kitchen, and dining room décor
  • Made from a durable combination of beech, pine, and MDF

Dimensions & Specifications:
  • Table: 23 ½" x 21 ¼"
  • Chair: 13 ¾" x 14 ½" x 25 ½"
  • Material: 37.00% Beech, 48.45% Pine & 14.55% MDF
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