Manito Breath Pro Plus Seat Pad-Green

$ 34.99
SKU: 8808873102133

Manito Breath Pro Plus Seat Liner for Strollers & Car Seats is all year-round breathable seat liner for your child’s dry and comfortable riding experience. Its Sequential 3D-Mesh construction is breathable, wicks away moisture and provides excellent air circulation keeping the seat cool during summer and circulates warm air from the body heat during winter.


  • “Breathable” Sequential 3D-mesh construction keeps cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.
  • Dual side construction.
  • Can be used on small to large strollers, car seats and high-chairs.
  • Soft cushion for extra comfort.
  • Excellent self recovery to its original shape.
  • Made from a premium material. It’s highly durable, light-weight and easy to use.
  • Hygienic construction prevents from growth of harmful microbes.
  • Seat belt insert Velcro for easy installation.
  • Secures with “S-Hooks” to prevent from slipping from the seats.
  • Overall Width: 17.7 (W) / Overall Height: 27.6 (H) (actual sizing may vary by approx. 1/2 an inch due to characteristics of 3D- Mesh construction)
  • Made in Korea
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