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The Maxi Micro Kickboard is designed for kids ages 5-12. The smooth gliding Maxi has a curving and carving action that is a little like being on a skateboard but with greater control and maneuverability. Its exceptionally strong construction is also flexible and light weight, making it a great cruising scooter for urban and suburban neighborhoods alike. Kids love the Maxi's cool colors. Choose between two steering options - the Joystick for better curving and carving, or a traditional T-Bar for a more conventional ride. The handlebar styles are interchangeable and available as an Accessory - choose the T-Bar to start and switch to the Joystick as skills develop. The Maxi’s steering stick extends from 24in to 36in. The Maxi Micro is the quality choice in kickboard scooters for school-age kids.

History Lesson - Micro's first kickboards were designed for Adults - the kids' versions, the Mini and Maxi, were added later. All were initially designed only with joystick steering!

Assembly - To assemble, insert the steering mechanism by aligning the flat side of the TBar with the flat side of the opening in the deck - use the side of the hole to press the tension pin in. Listen for a click.

Maintenance - To keep the Maxi in perfect working order, periodically use the Allen keys to tighten the nuts.

Mini or Maxi? - To choose between a Maxi kick scooter and a Mini kick scooter, consider the size of the child in addition to their age. The Maxi is designed for children ages 5-12, up to 110 lbs, but it may be suitable for a younger child depending on their weight and coordination. A child of 35 lbs will enjoy the Mini but may be able to ride the Maxi. That being said, the Mini's lighter weight does make it more easily maneuverable, which can help build confidence, adding to the overall enjoyment. The Maxi weighs 2 lbs more than the Mini and its deck is 1 inch wider and 2 inches longer, making the Maxi a little more challenging to control, maneuver and pick up than the Mini. The Mini's steering bar is fixed at a height of 24 inches above the deck, the same as the lowest setting on the Maxi. The Maxi's steering bar extends an additional 12 inches, allowing it to 'grow' with the child. Bear in mind that all parts are replaceable on Micro products; thus, when a child outgrows a Mini, it can be refreshed as needed to be passed on to a younger sibling or friend. By changing the handle bar grips, deck color, wheels, etc., the scooter can be made 'like new'.

Awards: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award Seal and Platinum Seal (2009), Parents Choice Approved (2010), Universal Design Award and Universal Design Consumer Favorite (2009), Red Dot Design Award (2009)

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