Organickidz, Baby Grows Up Gift Set, 7 oz. - Pink

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a bottle that goes from newborn through preschool!

Our "life bottle" set transitions baby from bottle feeding to sippy cup to water bottle by simply attaching the accessories included in the kit as baby grows up!

Eco-moms will love that it’s sustainable and every mom will appreciate the tremendous value the Baby Grows Up set offers versus purchasing separate baby bottles, sippy cups and water bottles.

The Baby Grows Up bottle set includes everything a parent needs from newborn through grade school and beyond!

sets also include:

  • One 2oz / 60mL stainless steel lid with measuring gauge that doubles as a snack cup
  • One easy attaching handle
  • Three peristaltic vented silicone nipples: Slow, Medium & Fast flow
  • One matching leak-proof cap
  • One non-spill soft silicone sippy spout
  • One matching bottle ring

Number of Pieces: 9
Set Includes:
  • 1 Stainless Steel 7oz Thermal Baby Bottle,
  • 1 each Slow, Medium, Fast Flow "More Like Mom" Peristaltic Nipples,
  • 1 No Spill Sippy Spout,
  • 1 set of Handles,
  • 1 Leak Proof Bottle Cap,
  • 1 Stainless Steel Lid,
  • 1 Silicon Sealing Disk

Keeps hot or cold for 6+ hours

thermal stainless steel
We are thrilled to be the first to offer a stainless steel thermal baby bottle! Our thermal bottles feature two layers of steel. This double layering insulates the contents keeping in COLD or HOT for 6+ HOURS!
No more concerns about how to warm or cool your baby's milk or formula or worrying about how to get clean, healthy hot water when you are not at home. organicKidz thermal bottles are great for play dates, travel and at day care!

Lid doubles as a measuring cup and snack cup
versatile stainless steel lid.

Each organicKidz bottle includes a 2oz/60mL stainless steel lid that closes snug on the bottle protecting the nipple and ring from damage or dirt. But, this is no ordinary lid! It also can be used for quick measuring milk or formula using the built-in scales that are visible from the inside and outside of the lid. But wait, there's more...our lids can also be used as handy snack cups perfectly sized for little fingers!

silicone peristaltic medium flow nipple
a naturally perfect nipple

All our nipples use a peristaltic "stretch & contract" design that helps to reduce the risk of colic, spit up and ear infections. The peristaltic shape allows for your baby's mouth and tongue to move in a natural, wave-like motion - just like breast feeding.

Made from ultra-supple silicone with a subtle texture and shaped to fit your baby's sucking fossa, organicKidz bottles provide the optimal feeding conditions. Our integrated venting is designed to redirect air from the bottle contents allowing your baby to feed comfortably.

Includes silicone leak proof sealing disk
no one like a leaky bottle

organicKidz bottles have been designed by a mom. Each organicKidz bottle comes with a silicone sealing disk that fits our bottles perfectly to prevent spills and leaks when shaking formula or packing for daycare.

Our "life bottle" system transitions baby from bottle feeding, to sippy cup, to a lunchbox friendly water bottle by simply using the appropriate accessory. As your baby grows up, your organicKidz bottle will grow right along with them.

Can convert a sippy cup and water bottle
The "life bottle"
The life bottle system makes organicKidz bottles a sustainable solution that carries tremendous value when compared to purchasing separate baby bottles sippy cups and water bottles. They are the most versatile baby product you will buy - even you can use them as a water bottle!

organicKidz is truly the perfect solution for the style savvy, safety and eco-conscious parent in all
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