Radius - Kidz Right Hand Toothbrush, 6 Years and Up - Green With White Bristles

$ 4.49
SKU: 085178110010_GWB
The mini-original-with even softer bristles has 300% more bristles than any ordinary children’s toothbrush. the wide oval head, thumb grip and comfortable handle make this ideal for children and young adults-ages 6 and up. radius is a different kind of company, we refine the objects used in your daily life: well designed, they can make life easier and add joy to a mundane task while being sensitive to our impact on the environment. toothbrushes, floss and travel cases that are easy to use and great to look at.

  • Chunky ergonomic handle is light and comfortable for kids to hold
  • Asymmetric angle of the head promotes proper brushing of teeth at 45 degree to the gums
  • Accepted by the american dental association
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