Tiny Love Magical Night Projector Mobile

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When you think about preventing your baby from crying all the time, all you need to do is to try and preoccupy his time with things that fascinate his or her young mind. Visual treats along with sounds can get your kid’s attention that will make him or her forget about crying for the meantime. It is through this means that baby toys are usually made of. Toys like this Tiny Love Magical Night Projector Mobile more than helps preoccupy your baby’s time and makes him or her enjoy it.

The Tiny Love Magical Night Projector Mobile is one of those toys that you place above the baby’s crib. What it does is provide a visual treat to your baby while he or she lies down on the crib and waits for sleep time to come. This unique baby toy comes with a projector that gives babies a series of colorful images to look at the rotating animal mobile also adds in a different sort of appeal that gives the baby something more solid to look at aside from the moving images coming from the projector.

The Tiny Love Magical Night Projector also comes with a sound box that provides the toy with interesting and catchy audio sounds. It can also help soothe the baby until sleepy and ready for rest. After the baby is asleep, the device also can become a tabletop nightlight to keep the baby room lit ever so dimly. 

Batteries: batteries are required (not included)
Shipping Weight: 4.5
Product Weight:4.5 pounds
Product Dimensions(in inches)21.2 x 18.5 x 11.8
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